Cannabis-derived CBD Oil Finding Place In A LOT MORE Products

LOS ANGELES (AP) – From skin-care creams to bottled water, cannabis companies are rolling out a growing selection of consumer products infused with a chemical found in marijuana called cannabidiol, or CBD. The substance does not have the ingredient that provides marijuana users a higher. Instead, CBD product makers say they promote general well-being and health.

16 billion by 2025, relating to a written report by equity analysts at Cowen. An integral element in that forecast is the growing variety of CBD products that companies are getting to market, such as drinks, capsules, gummies, topical tinctures and lotions, that are liquid extracts. The number of hemp essential oil products offered by Amazon has roughly quadrupled in the past six years to more than 20,000, for example. Nutraceuticals – foods that include chemicals with a purported health advantage – along with topical ointment lotions and beverages will drive much of the CBD development, Cowen says. Tinctures will be the most popular CBD product currently, making up around 43 percent of the marketplace, in January according to a Cowen consumer study.

Beverages take into account about 20 percent. CBD products can be purchased online and in niche shops across the U.S., though cannabis companies must navigate various state and federal limitations. Products infused with CBD produced from marijuana can be legally purchased in the 10 says that allow cannabis for therapeutic and recreational use.

The sale of products with CBD produced from hemp is legal generally in most other states. Proponents say … Read the rest