Using Facebook For Political Campaigning

Obama may have been wise to the fact that no longer could it be just who you understand, but who knows you that wins elections. Facebook can form a network of people that know you, as well as drive traffic to a website, encourage discussion around issues, and increase support like no other medium.

An effective interpersonal media strategy is a great complement to a solid in-person campaign. Notice I didn’t say replacement. Remember that the goal of your web pages to attract focus on in person speaking engagements and to create dialogue around important issues. That attention and dialogue should generate the goodwill that means votes then. A word of caution – carrying it out wrong can hurt rather than help your campaign.

So, before you hurry to make a Facebook page keep the following tips at heart. Politicians obtain thousands of friend requests to their personal Facebook account often. Since Facebook places a limit on the number of friends (5,000) a political fan page for your candidate is a much better option. A fan page allows an unlimited quantity of fans, and the opportunity to build a community of support around the issues and positions critical to the candidate.

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When setting up the page, ensure that you choose a public … Read the rest

How Do I CHOOSE THE BEST Weight Loss Program For Me?

How Do I CHOOSE THE BEST Weight Loss Program For Me?

There are lots of weight-loss programs available that basically do work with respect to the individual attempting to lose weight. Some examples are low-fat, low-calorie, no-carbohydrate, fixed-menu, high-protein, formula-diet, and the pre-packaged-meal programs. Since there are numerous programs you can follow, deciding on the best one is vital so you could avoid wasting commitment on whatever would not work for you in the long run.

First, find out if the program would assist in helping you permanently change your improper diet plan and lifestyle such as lack of exercise and eating lots of sweets. Next, find out if the personnel behind the weight loss program consists of competent and qualified health advisors such as doctors, nutritionists, nurses, professional dieticians, and psychologists. Don’t forget that you need to consult a physician if you have a history of health problems or if you are currently under medication before seeking a weight-loss program. The program must also concentrate not only weight loss but on the prevention of weight gain also.

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Thus, a permanent change in eating habits must be accomplished by this program. In addition, understand that a good weight loss program is two-way. Your wellbeing counselor or fitness expert must think about your food choices, dislikes, and likes in establishing your daily diet program. The food choices must be tolerable and suitable and must not lead to nutrient deficiency. … Read the rest

EB-5 Investor Visa

EB-5 is the only investment centered visa that enables the investor to apply directly for permanent resident status in exchange for a significant investment in to the U.S. The EB-5 program is overseen by america Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) scrutiny. The typical EB-5 program, or “Stand Alone” investment option is the initial investment program.

1. New Commercial Enterprise. A troubled business; an organization that is around for at least two years and has incurred a online loss through the 12- or 24-month period before the priority day on the immigrant investor’s Form I-526. The loss because of this period must be at least 20 percent of the troubled business’ net worth before the loss. 2. Business Structure. The business may take on a variety of legal structures, including singular proprietorship, collaboration (whether limited or general), holding company (and subsidiaries), corporation, joint venture, business trust.

The business can be publicly traded or privately possessed. 3. For Profit Business. The carrying on business must be a For Profit organization, not just a not-for-profit or charitable organization. Note, this definition will not include non-commercial activity such as operating and owning a personal home. Form I-526 petition or the date of the capital investment, whichever occurs first. 7. Business Participation. The trader must take part in the Business.

Actively participate means playing greater than a purely unaggressive role in the new commercial business. The petitioner must either be engaged in the day-to-day managerial control of the commercial business or manage it through plan … Read the rest