Best Things In Beauty: Bobbi Brown Tibi Peony & Python Beauty Kit

Finally, something new from Bobbi Brown that isn’t a palette! I don’t know how you feel about palettes, but I’m on palette overload. I purchased so many Bobbi Brown palettes for vacation, I couldn’t take a look at another one. I skipped the Pretty Powerful palettes that launched in January. I have been awaiting single items from Bobbi Brown – new ones anxiously, exciting ones.

I can’t wait to get my practical her new lip color, which hasn’t appeared yet at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. AFTER I learned that there was a new place offered by Neiman Marcus, my first reaction wasn’t overly enthusiastic. 95). I’m happy I purchased it! The kit is a preview into Bobbi Brown’s Spring 2011 Tibi Peony & Python Collection, a zippered beauty case filled up with very tools and colors to revise your lifestyle for spring.

Inspired by lush peonies and the playful, feminine chic of cult label Tibi, Bobbi created Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer for a brand-new, healthy glow. The package also contains Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Dark Brightening, and Mauve Lip Gloss in Red Lilac, plus two mini brushes which mean you can apply everything such as a pro. One of the mini-brushes is one of my favorite Bobbi Brown brushes: the Face Blender Brush. I can’t get enough of them. The other mini clean is a liner clean that you can use to use the Black, Mauve gel eyeliner. The Peony Illuminating Bronzer is more of a blusher than a brother.

It’s rosy – and beautiful. I’m uncertain why Bobbi called it a bronzer, but it doesn’t matter what it’s called. It’s a sensational shade. Don’t allow the “Black Mauve” name of the gel eyeliner fool you. It’s not black – just a darkened mauve that’s a luscious liner. Pink Lilac is one of Bobbi’s Brightening Lip Glosses. The sheer, reflective formula wakes up that person and helps create the illusion of fuller lips.

The Pink Lilac color works properly with the collection. Here’s my swatch photo of most three shades. It had been used indoors in sunshine. I had trouble photographing the Peony tone in the small. In every picture I took, it appeared just a bit pinker than it looks to my eye.

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  • Formaldehyde or formalin in polish, hardeners and other toenail products
  • DO exfoliate once a week to remove the accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Apply natural powder in T-Zone and lightly over cheeks
  • You don’t prefer to buy makeup manufactured in China. Lavera products are manufactured in Germany
  • 4 years back from South Carolina
  • Only available in Asia(for now)

In the compact, it looks exactly like the photo at the top of this feature – the main one I snagged from the Neiman Marcus Internet site. On my arm, it looks like my swatch. This set is a beauty. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys pink and wants something new.

At this time around, the only place you can buy the Tibi Peony & Python Beauty Kit is Neiman Marcus. It’s available in stores and online. I purchased mine from Kathy Shoreman and Christina Curbelo at the store at Tysons Galleria. Christina’s new there, if you drop by, be sure to say hello.

If need be, put in a touch more purple to mix it. Then add dark eyeliner Then. That is optional but I like the real way it looks with liner. I didn’t wing out the liner much, just finished it off at the edges. Then line the waterline with a gold eyeliner.

I used GOSH’s Velvet Touch Liner in Renaissance Gold (CV). You could utilize black or magic if you like. You can include lashes too at this point, but as this is just for Monday night salsa, I skipped them. However, a weekend away at the end of this post is an identical look I did so on, that shows you how much more dramatic this can look with lashes! Onto the real face. I mixed 2 pumps of B. Youthful Foundation (shade 10, Linen – V) with about 50 % a pump of SEVENTEEN’s Skin Wow! I buffed this onto my face with a bdellium 954 brush, which I am loving for basis lately.