I am so thrilled to share with you my new hobby that converted into business. As the eldest child I do all the chores after I was younger. I grew up with my aunt and grandma cooking and selling different kinds of home made products from home. I keep in mind during that right time my grandma had a lot to do in taking orders from customers.

She cook genuine kapampangan delicacies that she also discovered from her mom. I occurred to inherit her talent in making delicious and great food. I remember when the time I got married that I would visit her and ask for her own recipes so I could cook it at home.

I owe everything to her. Finally the long wait around has ended and I am really excited and pleased with my new business, which I named after my eldest daughter Alicia. I named it Zia’s Kitchen.Our products are dulce de leche spread, 100 % pure honey, chili sauce, and premium lagoon. I am also looking forward to make new products to sell on the market soon. For now we will be ready to take your orders for the next products now. We online are currently offering it. Hopefully by January we can have it available in the groceries.

A leader is flexible, seeking the ultimate way to get the task accomplished; a supervisor is rigid, seeking to ensure that the guidelines are implemented “by the book”. A head cares what is right and doesn’t care and attention who’s right; a supervisor cares who’s right and doesn’t care what’s right. A head inspires excitement and excitement; a manager creates fear and distrust.

  1. Follow the latest industry developments and stay up-to-date on corporate competitors
  2. 24 hours a day
  3. Have the chance to work around the globe as part of our knowledge sharing program
  4. Expenses for goods, services, and facilities distributed around the overall public
  5. What ideas must you improve our DR/BCP

Are supervisor and innovator the same? What are a Manager and a Leader? Self-explanitory. A manger manages and a leader leads. What is the difference between managers and leaders? A manager simply manages a company or business, while a leader leads a location or a race or tribe of people. What is the difference between vice leader and general supervisor?

How did you start your own business? How do you start your own business? Start building relationships with the folks at electric distribution. They aren’t heading to hand you jobs, but knowing the within guys is a huge help. If you can swing a side business as long as you’re working for another person, that’s not a bad start.