Make About:Clean Your Homepage

What Firefox Theme is it on the Screenshot? Tangerine Firefox Theme with icons from the Tango Desktop Project. It has lots of imperfections but I nonetheless like it. I’ve all the time seen this message in Internet Explorer 7. For those who set Google as your homepage, it disappears. The message used to be even more annoying, but now it’s just a link at the bottom of the page. First query I’ve after studying this entry was similar as Pascal. IE7 nonetheless that this long ‘connecting to your home page’ wait whereas it appears to be like up about: blank towards some antiphishing site or something. Or it just takes forever to start out up the IE engine, they usually blame it on the remote site.

I find that for IE, Windows Update makes a good begin page, as it is its sole remaining reason to be used. I’m a loyal about: blank person. For me I had my wordpress website locally hosted (faster) on my laptop and desktop computer. I exploit an FF add-on with comparable behavior to Opera’s Speed Dial – Fast Dial.

But iGoogle continues to be at the top of my checklist. Not too way back we had an about: blank home web page hijacker. I don’t even remember what I have set as my homepage. It’s not necessary to me as a result of me have my browsers set to reopen the final tabs I used to be using.

That manner I’ve continuity from one session to the next. Before I did this, I used to use no matter ‘clean’ choice was provided by the browser, for velocity functions. I feel that’s a good suggestion if you’re on dial-up, but few are nowadays. I want to make use of ignoble as my home web page. However, my default page on start is about blank. I prefer the clean contemporary begin for fast loading instances and minimal distraction. However, I love to hit that home button and have it ship me to the launch pad for all of my web purposes. I’m an about: clean fan and every little thing that you have written in this article is so appropriate.

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The one & only. Thank you for the free publicity for our weblog about weblogs. There is a malware that replaces your homepage with about: clean. After all, the site forgets to say that this malware hijacks the about: blank page and people now affiliate the innocent about: blank page with malware. Opera speed dial is the solution to go! I don’t Opera, but I’ve Firefox as my 2nd Browser. I’ll go to that link and take a look. Thank you for sharing.

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