INSTEAD OF Off-loading Like Many Does

Singtel plus some of you asked me about my investment in M1 as well. It had been bought by me at 2.66 in Sep 2012 and also have been holding on to it since. Each year I received about 4% to 5% of Dividend and I believe this will continue. 1. Cheapest Defensive Stock among the 3 Telcos and with the main one with the cheapest debt. 2. No CABLE TELEVISION or Mio TV – With all the loading services readily available online, this seems just like a lose-making venture, especially with the fighting with each other of the EPL privileges. Charging sky high prices for the consumers will only backfire eventually.

3. First Teleco to step in to the fibre boardband spectrum. 4. Consistent Rising Trends. Starhub and Singtel, at that true point, has a more roller-coaster trend. Rather than off-loading like many does, I continue steadily to retain my M1 view and stocks this as an buying opportunity. I have stated many reasons on why it is not the final end for M1 and Starhub investors here. In addition, for M1 investors, do note that it is carry making inroads into Oman. Something I am happy about. Rather than concentrating on Singapore Market alone, heading abroad ought to be the concern for our local telcos.

Coupes and Convertibles will trump four-door sedans, and usually station wagons, in the early years – although those attended up in value credited to rarity (most were junked) and the Funk factor above. The fun factor thing is an enormous consideration. It really is so huge that lots of restorers are taking old Mustang hard tops and sawing the tops off to make them into collectible ragtops.

Correctly done, few could tell the difference. The same is true for four-door vehicles – some people “convert” them into coupes with major body work, as a coupe is worth some gold coin, but a sedan languishes at auction. 6. Driveability: Closely related is the ability to actually drive the automobile. This may appear silly, but old cars, from the brass-lamp period especially, tend to be difficult to operate a vehicle on modern roads.

Even getting proper gas for such old vehicles is challenging. A neighbor on another island has a model-T Ford for sale. Not a convertible, sadly, but a windowed doctor’s coupe. The nagging problem is, it only goes about 45 mls one hour with the pedal to the metal, and of course has no fresh air conditioning.

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It is an automobile you can look at, but generating it is relatively awkward, uncomfortable, and not fun just. 7. Status: Cheap vehicles are seldom collectible. Nobody will covet a vintage Chevette or Chevy Geo ever. Taking that millions were made aside, hardly any exist today and thus are arguably “rare”. But rarity and collectability do not go together. People would prefer to collect a loaded Chevy Impala when compared to a stripped Biscayne. Therefore the further up the meals chain you go, the greater collectible an automobile is generally. 8. Star Power: An automobile which has a song called after it’ll be more collectible.

The Beach Boys preserved many a 409 from the wrecker and Ronnie & The Daytonas created the complete Pontiac GTO mystique. Cars that star in movies, such as Steve McQueen’s Bullit Mustang can end up as priceless artifacts – but also provide a halo effect for that produce and model. Celebrity provenance in terms of possession or better yet, racing history, is always a feature also. 9. Popularity: Strangely enough, the more rare a car is, sometimes the less it is collectible. For years, people salivated after “muscle cars” from the 1960’s, provided they were from Ford, GM, or Chrysler.

AMC’s project into the forex market (e.g., the Marlin or “Rebel Machine”) were roundly disregarded by collectors, and AMCs would languish at auctions often. Only today are values needs to rise, as people realize the rarity of the engine cars. But most collectors would prefer to have an antique Mustang convertible rather than vintage AMC Rambler American Convertible. 10. Nostalgia: Many people – particularly men of a certain age – pine for the vehicles of their youngsters.