Anxious Regarding Finances And Buying A Home

Recently my significant other and I have already been searching for a new home (Manitoba). We have been renting for the last 4 years, but are now at the main point where we both have stable careers and a good amount of money preserved up. 300,000, which would put as at the %35 of net income mark if we include mortgage, property taxes, utilities, and insurance.

I have been obsessing over what we should can afford and I get really anxious about the very thought of buying a residence. 300,000. With that said, I’m very open to hearing why we should wait if people believe that would be the right choice. 5500. We have two vehicles which are completely paid off and are in sufficient shape that they should ideally last us another few years.

The reason I include car obligations in the financial break down below is because we put that money into a “vehicle” savings account that is utilized for repairs and finally a down-payment for when we need to replace our vehicles. I’ve a DB pension plan (government job) and my significant other only started conserving for pension around enough time we fulfilled but has been putting 10% of her net income into cost savings (investing through RRSP’s). Neither of us have any bad debts.

  1. Invest in properties
  2. Understand its relations with customers and suppliers, it is R&D capabilities
  3. Salary is commensurate with experience
  4. Risk Involved
  5. If I am subject to the web Investment TAX, how will I survey and pay the taxes

46,0000 saved, excluding my significant other’s investments which is left untouched. 5000 to have to spend for some items we may at first need for the home. 5000 in the account that I will leave untouched and contribute %10 of my net gain monthly for retirement after we buy a home.

2000 in an account used for vehicle cost savings / fixes, and my significant other’s RRSP account. I’ve appeared this over a countless number of times and the amounts seem to work but would feel better getting PFC to look it over and offer any insights into our situation. I am sorry for the long post and appreciate you taking the right time for you to look this over.

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