Paris Hilton Makeup Products (Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette)

I still keep in mind the first eyeshadow palette in my collection. Before then, it turned out all quads, trios, and singles. An entire palette filled with eyeshadow options shook my makeup loving self to the primary. My creativity proceeded to go into overdrive. There were more color combinations than I ever imagined possible.

Right before my eye. Since that day, palettes have always been a beauty favorite of mine. I really like the endless possibilities! During the last few years, I’ve been having fun checking out a variety of items from Paris Hilton Makeup products. From one eyeshadows to everything and shows in between. Despite every one of the Paris Hilton products I’ve tried, there was always something missing: an eyeshadow palette. Then, there it was finally. The Soft Glam Palette.

Here is all you need to know concerning this 18-pan eyeshadow arranged. This palette excited me right from the start. Partly because it was Paris Hilton Cosmetics palette and partly because I love trying out new makeup. With regards to the packaging, it is fairly standard. They have a sturdy cardboard base and a magnetic closure.

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However, there are some fantastic details here really. Ones that are not normally seen in a drugstore (or similarly priced) palette. It has a mirror on the top with a Paris Hilton signature imprinted in the part. The eyeshadow names are printed underneath each shade. That is a rarity! I also love the gorgeous picture of Paris Hilton on the front of the palate and the fact that there are application directions imprinted on the back.

I was very impressed. The within of the palette is just as impressive. There’s a wonderful selection of wearable shades. Soft Glam includes a number of neutral matte shades, shimmery metallic, and silk completed smokey shadows. They have variety in conditions of coatings as well as the colors themselves. A couple of champagne shades, pinks, warm metallic, browns, and more.

I absolutely love that palette may be used to create simple daytime looks as well as dramatic nighttime masterpieces. Shades include: Fresh, Spicy, Sassy, Low Key, Calm, Clever, Bold, Cheeky, Happy, Witty, Smooth, Chill, Saucy, Daring, Warm, LAID BACK, Wise, and Genuine. All I could say is wow. Look at those swatches!

Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the pigmentation. Maybe hit or miss. I used to be shocked to discover that every single shade was pigmented richly, creamy in texture, and vivid payoff downright. Even the lighter tones out stood. Even the matte shades. It had been shocking in the best possible way.