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In this digital age group, having a website has become necessary for everyone almost. Websites can be created on different platforms and on different languages like php, html etc. Creation of a website doesn’t always require coding and technological knowledge. Platforms like Wix, that offer free website creation, are one step ahead.

And the best part is without even having basic technical knowledge you can set up your website and make it run. Though it cannot be ignored that Wix, at certain points, does not offer all the flexible tools with advance features you might be looking for. But yes, the most of the functions and features you need are available with free options. So giving Win a try is worth it definitely. Attractive Templates – A lot more than 280 professional templates can be found to decide for your website.

A wide assortment of these great-looking designs should go for all those kind of sectors. So, if you are not a creative person even, by using these layouts you it’s still in a position to design a stunning site. User-friendly drag & drop interface – Learning how to use Wix is not very difficult with the easy “drag and drop” features. You don’t should try to learn to code definitely, and any feature can be chosen by you among the available ones at Wix. Quality support – The easily accessible support from Wix makes the creation of your website a satisfying process rather than an irritable one.

Every element present in the web site has its own dedicated support button which saves you time and energy. Inbuilt Web hosting – The reliable web hosting of Wix solves your trouble of purchasing a separate hosting services from any other vendor. Basic FREE Website – Without spending a rupee even, you can have your own website at Wix. However, having your own domain name gives your website a specialist look which is highly recommended also.

A credit card – if you want to go for any of the paid features. Click the big yellowish “Start Now” button given on the house page. There is a form given, you need to fill in your details and get started just. You can sign-up with your Google or Facebook account also. As you fill in your details, you are immediately taken to a page where you have to select the category which means you need to choose which type of site you want to generate.

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The main goal to offer this option of selection is the purification of themes that are offered by Wix. One theme that is most effective for Online Shopping website may not be suited for the web site for the Music category. And you also don’t need to be concerned, you can always change the group of your business and along with this you can go through the “view all” option to view all the themes available. Pick the category and click on the GO button. Now it’s time to give the look and feel to your internet site.

Choose a website template you find attractive and suitable for your website. As of now I opted for the category “Business & Services” and then chose Advertising & Marketing as the subcategory.In order per my selection the various available web templates are shown. You can view them in the image. I came across the Creative Staffing Agency theme more appealing and suitable for my website look. The themes might vary with selecting the category. And of course you have the option to view all the templates. Once you click the theme you decide on, you get an option of EDIT and VIEW.