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B2B trade is a type of business activity that occurs between the traders i.e., buyers, suppliers, wholesalers, exporters, importers, etc. This type of business differs from B2C (business to consumer). B2B trade portal give a wonderful platform to teach traders who require selling or buying products in bulk for his or her own business. B2B portals are expanding their existence throughout the world progressively and India is also under its effect.

Users of these sites have increased within the last decade and are indulging themselves increasingly more in this B2B marketing activities. The web has played an extremely significant role in increasing the popularity of B2B trade worldwide. With the help of the Internet, worldwide traders are finding it easier, to use these business portals for better growth and publicity.

  • Nominal account: Debit all expenses & losses and Credit all incomes & gains
  • Earn 7x points at hotels and resorts in the Hilton portfolio
  • Funds raised by NPOs through various sources are credited to which account
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  • 2009 – BigCommerce launches

B2B Portal not only consists of trading of products but also of information and services. On these B2B portals, the use of electronic data exchange is also increasing across the world. Online B2B trade websites have a brilliant future as contributions from businesses around the world to new and rising markets have been measured to be much privileged.

It was expected that the principal 10 years of the 21st hundred years will turn out to be a concept of B2B industry of billions of dollars and the wish has become fact. So, what is the prospect of B2B portals in the next coming years? Although some experts are affected that B2B marketplaces have a golden future, while others believe that the success of the global markets depends upon certain things. To find out more to b2b trade and online business directory.

5. Japan Credit Bureau (JCB). Hologram is a 3D image either of the object, person, or some particular symbol that is projected and captured on a 2D flat work surface. 1. Hologram works as a seal of originality. 2. It helps to authenticate a genuine brand from a counterfeit one. 3. It aids in distinguishing an original card from fake (dummy) cards.

4. It functions as one of the security steps to avoid forgery. Card quantity is an extended and unique amount assigned to a credit card. Often, it is embossed (raised) on its face or the front-side. An ISO/IEC 7812-1-card number is typically sixteen digits long and grouped in four units with four digits in each set.

4. Checksum or check digit. First single-digit (from remaining) of a credit card number is a significant Industry Identifier (MII) digit value. It indicates the category or type of the entity that issued a credit card. Note: Select above sample image of the front side of a credit card to obtain a zoomed preview and discover where exactly is MII digit value located. Refer following table to recognize Major Industry Identifier (MII) digit values represents that group of an issuer. The first group of four digits (which also includes MII digit value) of credit cards number is named Bank Identification Number (BIN).