Mayfair Collateral Partners Now Has Bought A Bakery

Who was it who bought a bakery last week? Pamplona Capital, I think.’ Yes, that is right. Thanks, man. / Well, dear reader(s), Mayfair Equity Partners were jealous or something – I don’t know what’s going on in their minds, I must say i don’t – and so have decided to buy a bakery of their own. Yes, boss. So that as I said last week, it makes perfect sense. Why eat all of that muck from the working office vending machine when you can play to your own bakery, your own bakery, and have all the sandwiches and rolls and cakes you want?

Shut up, you idiot! Mayfair Equity Partners is a buyout and growth capital buyer providing capital to powerful businesses in the Consumer and TMT industries. Its primary concentrate is on building strong partnerships with exceptional management teams. Mayfair can be an buyer in Ovo Energy, one of the UK’s leading unbiased local energy brands, YO!

Okay. Dead fish. Not different fish. Dead seafood. / As well as the bakery. What’s the bakery called? I’m going through this PR email. Give me a minute, reader(s). Cuisine Royale Manufacturing Ltd. Promise has experienced quick growth domestically in Ireland and internationally in markets including the UK, US and Australia under its retail brands: ‘Promise Gluten Free’ and ‘PureBred Gluten Free’.

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Promise mixes the best (‘Best’) natural ingredients utilizing a unique process to deliver cooked goods with unparalleled vitamins and minerals and award-winning taste and consistency that is comparable to traditional bread. Promise developed its line of gluten-free cooked goods with the belief that individuals shouldn’t have to compromise on taste and diet if they want gluten-free alternatives to traditional (‘Traditional’) bread. The business has won a number of industry awards including Irish Exporters Association Food and Drink Exporter of the entire year, multiple Great Taste Awards, The Year in Canada and Australia Product of, and Free From Foods Award (UK). Okay, okay. Sounds all right, I suppose. Right. There’s a little of discuss this and that.

Everyone appears to be delighted with the offer. Oh, this is exactly what Danny said – ‘Danny, who, employer? Danny Sasaki. ‘Oh, you indicate Daniel Sasaki at Mayfair Equity Partners? Do you know him? Heard of him Never.’ FFS! That’s enough, reader(s). Seriously. These PR emails do sometimes go on a bit. I’m sure you get the essential idea though. And perhaps various other company will buy a bakery next week. I hope so.’ However, I will not be writing about it. No. I don’t want my migraine returning. I acquired a negative one yesterday evening. That is why I’m late with today’s post.

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