Our Culture Is Centred Around Openness

Come to work feeling excited about being within an environment where you truly reach express your interest for technology while employed in interesting customer projects and surrounded by inspiring and enthusiastic colleagues. As a complete Stack .NET Software Engineer at Zuhlke, you will be an important member of our experienced interdisciplinary teams and you’ll be the area of the magic that happens when technology and team nature unite to produce innovative solutions. You will continue to work with clients to build up closely, test, and ship software that fulfill their needs and you will get a ton of exposure and opportunities to resolve complex software difficulties. It’s an extremely exciting time to join Zuhlke as a complete Stack .NET Software Engineer.

We have an uncommon chance to offer where you’ll get to lead just how for the first-ever cooperation between our Zurich and Singapore offices. Work with innovative and cutting-edge technology all in an Agile environment (we are, in the end, very interested in Agile!). This opportunity also contains being able to train in Zurich for 1-2 a few months amongst many other talented & passionate technicians. And this would only be the start of your journey at Zuhlke! The skills you bring.

You have a qualification in computer science or a comparable related field. You are familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem and have used frameworks like Angular and/or ReactJS where you apply your in-depth knowledge in JavaScript and/or TypeScript. You value high quality code and you also want to satisfy your thirst for knowledge of the latest technologies every day. You leverage your development workflow with tools like him, webspace, and Node.js.

You have several years of experience with state-of-the-art web architectures and enjoy developing modern web applications. You are aware of the deployment and build of Full Stack applications, including practice with automatic tests frameworks like Selenium, Jasmine, or similar tools. You have professional experience working in an Agile development environment.

Bonus if you are a certified Scrum developer or master. You love to contribute to your colleagues’ professional development and are seen as a go-to on the team. You genuinely believe in open dialogue and are actively promoting knowledge-sharing. You thrive working in a team-oriented setting and love being within an environment that’s filled up with interesting challenges. Professional and personal growth are important for you, so you are proactive in staying on top of new technology and trends. You have strong communication skills and revel in employed in diverse teams. At Zuhlke you get the best of both worlds.

You reach enjoy all the benefits of working in a well-balanced, larger, highly reputable company with an extended history of success while enjoying the freedom & autonomy of employed in a start-up and fast-growing environment. 4000 personal budgets and 10 business days to dedicate purely to conferences, classes, workshops, etc – you get to determine! Our culture is centered around openness, fun, integrity, and passion for what we do. We are always inspired by our co-workers and we are actively building up a captivating community of software engineers who are passionate about technology. If this sounds like you then we highly encourage one to apply – we want to meet you!

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