Just Because…: Hello?

Not sure that anyone will even read this in any way, but I figured now was as good a period as any to post a life update! I’m going to be 46 in two weeks and I still don’t possess my shit sorted out! Rhian is now 14 and at an all girls college. She actually is a beautiful girl with her head on straight – we are extremely close.

Jaynie is seven and in season three at major school. She is feisty, and independent but beneath it all, she has a soft heart. Tilly is five or one at the main college in-may of this or she began. She actually is a mummy’s girl with a huge heart, and is easily hurt, but she’s starting to find her way now that her school days have started.

Quite simply – I would kill for any of my women! Jeremy and I remain married – not sure how cos God understands we have almost killed each other! Lilly (2 calendar year-old cat that is bonded to Jaynie like nothing at all I have ever seen before – wherever Jaynie is, Lilly isn’t far behind).

Sam (10-month golden Labrador – heavy as pigshit but just damn lovely!). And Rocco (4-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier – the biggest smoothies book in the world). Although I must admit – I hate the atmosphere in the working office, plus some days I dread moving in at all, but also for now, it shall do!

I’ve gained back a lot of weight since my Gastric Bypass surgery, nearly 40kgs in fact! Of today As, I’m sitting on 120.1kgs – lots which I swore dark and blue I would NEVER make contact with – but here I am! I repent the most – easily could return and repeat, I’d certainly focus on that part more than anything! But, as they say – hindsight is an excellent thing! I’ve replaced food with alcohol over the past few years, and finally this year, A decision was reached by me that seeing me eradicate alcoholic beverages from my entire life completely.

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I used to think that alcoholism was reserved for the dirty old men drinking out of paper hand bags around the corner from the pub, but I understand it makes a difference anyone – including me now! I drank to reduce myself because I thought I had been sufficient for anything never!

The more excess weight I put on, the greater I drank, and in the last couple of months of my drinking I was up to two or three wine bottles per night time. I’d drink with friends, and if there was no one around, I’d gladly drink without any help until I in physical form couldn’t drink any more, then I’d distribute and sleep it off. But I’m owning it these days – I can admit I experienced/have a taking in the problem, and I’m also able to admit that it’s not a simple road to travel to be sober when so many people around me can drink “normally”.

But I understand I can be proud of the fact that I’ve finally used control of it, and the wine no handles me! I won’t post anymore in any way, who knows! All I understand is that life is good, I’m in control, and I will not give that up again!

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