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The regulation was first issued in 2012 by the Forest Service as a substitute to closing the world alongside the Appalachian Trail in the Blood Mountain Wilderness to camping. In previous years, concerns about hiker security after repeated bear conflicts required momentary, seasonal camping closures for the realm. Now, hikers have the option of camping in the area be-spherical as long as they carry and use a bear-resistant canister within the springtime. The requirement was developed in session with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.

“We took this measure to guard hikers and make our campsites less alluring to the bears that dwell here,” stated Blue Ridge District Ranger Andy Baker. Bear-resistant canisters lure odors inside, eliminating the lure of meals, and they’re designed to be tamper-resistant in opposition to extreme power. The regulation requires that the canisters used should be strong and non-pliable. These canisters may be bought or rented at most retail stores and online sellers that stock camping gear.

“Any bear that associating individuals with meals is a harmful bear as a result of it’s going to be aggressive,” said Baker. The storage regulation is obligatory for all dispersed camping within the Blood Mountain Wilderness inside a quarter mile of the trail from Jarrard Gap to Neels Gap, which includes the Blood Mountain Shelter and Woods Hole Shelter.

It additionally includes the dispersed camping areas inside Jarrard Gap. Hikers who select to not camp alongside this part of the path are usually not required to carry a canister. Traditional food storage strategies in the wilderness, similar to hanging food baggage between bushes, aren’t allowed as an alternative for utilizing a bear-resistant canister underneath this regulation. Forest officials say black bear encounters have increased significantly in recent years in the Blood Mountain Wilderness. Bears turn into extra-energetic because the seasons and weather change. They’re particularly drawn to human food brought into the wilderness in the early spring when pure food sources are not but plentiful. This is also the peak season for northbound Appalachian Trail hikers to start their journeys.

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