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Literally, Raymond remains in good condition. He is extremely brief with light skin, brownish hair and also yellow eyes. He has 1 or 2 differentiating functions consisting of a mole on his left cheek and also unbalanced ears.

He is presently wed to Antonia Edie Brooks. Antonia is 19 years older than him as well as functions as a cleaner.

Raymond Matt Glimmer is a 29-year-old expert sporting activities individual that appreciates recycling, affordable canine brushing as well as cooking. He is thoughtful as well as energised, however can additionally be extremely afraid and also a little bit indifferent.

Raymond’s friend is a specialist sporting activities individual called Tia Ward. They are indivisible. He additionally accompanies Jose Ryan and also Angela O’Quinn. They take pleasure in working with autos with each other.

He is Portuguese. He ended up institution and afterwards left academic community. He is consumed with zombies and also gangnam design.

He matured in a top course area. After his mom passed away when he was young, he was increased by his dad