Bella Thorne Without Makeup

Bella Thorne isn’t timid about displaying who she is really – and that includes going bare-faced on Instagram. The 21-year-old celebrity posted what looks like a makeup-free selfie to her feed to express her gratitude to her fans over the reception of her new publication, Life of a Wannabe Mogul. The selfie shows Thorne’s many beautiful freckles as she poses with her face against a cushion. This isn’t the first time she’s given us a glimpse of herself sans makeup, either. The candid actress has posted a handful of no-makeup selfies to Instagram revealing her glowing skin.

Photographed in the incorrect light or makeup faux pas? Tabloid mags often catch superstars in their most unflattering form and more often than not, the caption has nothing to do with truth absolutely. It’s exactly like pressing the pause button when you’re watching a video and it just happened to avoid right at the moment when the person is blinking.

Eyes closed, maybe looking a little unhappy and bam! “Kate Middleton is sad about being preggers again!”. Y’know, that sort of thing. And then there are those unflattering photos of celebrities whose encounters look a few shades lighter or darker than their actual skin tone. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of those as well.

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Often those photos make me question: could it be the photographer’s display that made their look way lighter than their throat? Maybe, the light bouncing of the SPF in the makeup? Or did say superstars really wear foundations lighter than their complexion? It made me curious. Do we wear foundations that are exactly the skin we have tone or do we deviate to something lighter or darker depending on how we want our skin to look? Let’s go back to the basics for a little here. What exactly are foundations for?

1. They’re meant to even out your skin layer build. 2. They’re designed to conceal any light blemishes on the skin (concealers for the darker and more powerful blemishes). 3. They’re meant to look like your skin layer but much better still. The best way for everyone three to happen and still make you look natural is to discover a foundation that matches your skin layer tone to a T. But if you can’t find a foundation that matches your skin build properly? This is not an uncommon problem.

Would you’d like to go a tad lighter? Or a tad darker? On many occasions, I’ve gone a color or two lighter. My face would look lighter than my throat because I forgot to consider the foundation down to my neck. It’s still passable in true to life but woe betide me if I’m to maintain photos because you’ll see me with a very washed-out face looking very pale and quite sickly.