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First, I wish to point out that not all of the stocks I follow are great investments. I follow a diverse selection of stocks. There are some that I would never invest in individually. I follow a number of resource stocks, even though I personally have little invested in this area.

I follow what I find interesting and with reference stocks, It really is thought by me is important for Canadians to learn what’s occurring in the source area. On the other hand, I really do follow of good number of great dividend growth stocks. The theory is that you should use the dividend yield to see if a dividend stock is offering at a stock price that is relatively cheap. A stock price is known as cheap if it’s selling at a dividend produce greater than the historical high yield or more than the historical average produce or historical median produce. Year-average dividend yield 67 stocks and shares with a dividend produce higher than the 5.

76 shares with a dividend produce higher than the 5-calendar year average dividend produce. 39 stocks with a dividend yield higher than the 5-calendar year average dividend produce. Barclays PLC (LSE-BARC, NYSE BCS) Husky Energy (TSX-HSE, OTC-HUSKF) Industrial Alliance Ins. Last month I showed Andrew Peller Ltd (TSX-ADW.A OTC-ADWPF) as developing a dividend increase, but I did not revise my spreadsheet to the new dividend. I’ve done this for this month.

EnerCare Inc. (TSX-ECI, OTC-CSUWF) price has jumped because it is being taken over by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P (TSX-BIP.UN, NYSE-BIP). For SmartCentres REIT (TSX-SRU.UN, OTC-CWYUF) TD has finally got the distribution amount right. Also, of the stocks that I follow, 0 stocks decreased or suspended their dividends. The majority of my stocks began as Dividend Payers. Currently 14 stocks are not paying any dividends and this would be some 9.03% of the stocks and shares which I follow.

Four of these stocks never had dividends, so 7.74% of the stocks and shares I follow have suspended their dividends. The three stocks that never paid dividends are Ballard Power Systems Inc. (TSX-BLD, NASDAQ-BLDP0, Blackberry Ltd. See these areas on the right side of the document. You can emphasize a particular stock using your cursor to emphasize the appropriate series. There are always some shares to buy because they’re priced reasonably. You can find stocks and shares to presently avoid because they’re overpriced always. Taking a look at dividend growth stocks that are available at stock prices that provide them a dividend yield above the historical median dividend yield are most likely the best bet.

The stocks that are available at prices that give them a dividend yield above the historical high yield could be good shares to buy. However, these stocks might be selling so cheap because of current troubles, especially financial troubles, and should be treated with extreme care. Remember that I have all the stocks I follow with this spreadsheet and some are much better investments than others. You should check out a stock before you buy always. Sometimes different stocks using sectors are just out of favor or the currency markets is just in one of its declines. However, a stock may be relatively cheap since it has problems.

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That is why you should always check out a stock before buying. Taking a look at stock this way is the same as a stock-filtration system. A main problem I know of is for the old income trusts. These companies have generally reduced their dividend produces forever and they will probably never get back to the old dividend yield highs they made as an income trust company. For these shares, you may be better looking at the current dividend produce to the 5 season median dividend yield.

I have also discussed why I love Dividend Growth companies. Today about Loblaw Companies Ltd On my other blog I wrote. Wednesday, August 8, 2018 around 5 pm. This website is meant for educational purposes only and is not to provide investment advice. Before making any investment decision, you should always do your own research or consult an investment professional. I do research for my very own edification and I am willing to talk about. I write what I think and I may or might not be correct.