Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish..

Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish comes in the same color matching system as Secret AGEnt Undercover Makeup – natural, red, and yellowish – for a perfect match each and every time! It’s oil-free, so it’s perfect for oily and combination skin. And it comes in a soft, rounded black matte finish small embossed with a refined, embossed BeautiControl logo, provides the look of Zen stones and comes with a sponge applicator.

For true-dry skin, using light-textured oils under your moisturizer after going swimming can go a long way to rehydrating your skin. When you have one of these booster products to use, simply apply it to your face and throat, going for a few extra secs to massage therapy it in really well, and let your chlorine-drenched epidermis soak it up.

  1. Start dabbing the natural cotton pad on your cleansed face
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  3. Don’t apply any moisturizer as cocoa butter did the moisturizing overnight
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Last however, not in any way least, use your moisturizer. Finally your skin layer is certain to get the needed hydration it has been looking for ever since you established feet in the swimming pool! Don’t neglect to use eyesight cream as well. After applying both these moisturizers, you are prepared to go. If you are swimming at a health club and plan on taking a whirlpool or steam bath after your swim, there are a few extras you may want to do to conserve your pores and skin. In previous articles I’ve talked about how exactly you don’t ever want to get into a steam room with a bare face.

It is harming to the delicate capillaries, potentially causing couperose (broken capillaries). My solution is to put up a clay mask. This will keep your capillaries secured from the hot vapor, and the steam shall carefully keep the clay moist, which is then letting it dried out on your face better. If not clay, use a hydrating mask instead. You’ll be helping to get the moisture back into your skin and at the same time keeping your capillaries safeguarded with the face mask on your face. Before (younger years) I wouldn’t always use a cover up when going into a whirlpool. Now, into menopause, I have much more heat in my body and I flush very easily.

So even just getting into my hot bath tub at home, if I don’t apply a complete mask I will at least put a solid level of moisturizer on my cheeks where I have a tendency to get rid of. Without this, I could feel my poor capillaries dilate, and over time this is not a very important thing.

Although the heat of a whirlpool is much less intense as with the steam room, if a whirlpool is done by you more than sometimes, I would suggest protecting your face. Use either a wetness or clay mask, hop in the warm bubbly water and relax after a hard workout in the pool.

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