Ibuybeauti is looking for the 10-beauty bloggers to join their team to examine products. They want for 10 motivated beauty bloggers who can write impartial reviews of Korean makeup products and skin care products and the bloggers will be divided into certain categories to make navigation easier. The said products will be provided for free by Ibuybeauti, a Korean makeup products/skin care online shop based in Seoul, South Korea.

There are really many famous products in the Ibuybeauti website that is not even available in Malaysia. For instance, Pope, CNP, Espoir, and Scenic. Besides, you could also watch the uploaded English sub OBTAIN IT Beauty Korean Beauty show. It is very famous in Korea really. I also get to know many tips and trends especially the ‘blind test products’.

  • Snow peas
  • Pattern of Ministry Multiplication
  • Forest Essentials
  • Performing facials (cleaning and softening the skin of the face)

What’s this electrifying contraption? Hint: It’s a lot more comforting than its appearance implies. If you couldn’t get a scheduled appointment with a masseuse in the 1950s, you might’ve turned to Oster’s Stim-U-Lax device to knead out those knots in your back instead. This contraption was strapped to a person’s hands while they offered a relative back massage to another person.

What’s this creepy-looking crank? Hint: Men would’ve used one of the in the morning to look sharpened. What’s this rolling contraption? Hint: Using one might just get your day off on the right foot. Today 20 pedicure, but in the 1940s, if you wanted to keep those dogs from barking, one of the would come in convenient. A person experiencing foot pain would roll their feet of these wooden spools, pushing them backwards and forwards until whatever cramp they had been working with subsided. What’s this scary-looking scissor? Hint: It would have been a significant hit in the ’80s.

Curling irons weren’t the only tool that took on a far more sinister-looking form at the change of the century. Today While crimes are usually double-plated devices that look comparable to straightening irons, these were once used in the same manner as a curling iron-heated over a stove or fire, put on hair to produce the desired look then. What’s this pretty piece of equipment?

Hint: No Beauty Blender? This sweet-looking 1940s tool is actually an antique makeup applicator. Users would dip the applicator in powder and pat it onto their face-and like many makeup tools at the time, it was meant to be displayed on the vanity, rather than being shoved in a makeup bag.

Can you find out these shoes? Hint: It’s likely you have seen Lady Gaga puts on something similar, but also for an extremely different purpose. Popular in Europe from the 15th through 18th hundreds of years, copies were tall platform shoes, worn by culture women often. Their height helped women keep their skirts from coming into connection with dirt and other detritus as they walked the streets. However, the unsteady footing they caused often forced upper-class women to prop themselves through to the shoulder blades of their servants to keep from falling. As well as for more vintage home appliances, check out: Can You Guess What These Old Household Objects Were Once Used For?