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Walt Disney World post! This is part two of my holiday recap. The first post was all about our first three times in Orlando. They were spent at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Each day was packed with fun, excitement, and wonder. The sort or kind of experience that you can only just have at Disney.

Next? We spent the others of our vacation at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Below are a few of the highlights! This is the moment that my Disney trip truly felt such as a Disney trip. Magic Kingdom. It feels like Disney just. The music, the atmosphere, the excitement. It is so special. Honestly, if I could just stay there forever, I’d be content totally. Was most likely the best day I’ve ever endured in Disney. Ever. We were there for a total of thirteen hours and we had a blast.

We went on a huge amount of rides, got a zillion Fast Passes, ate tons of delicious food, went shopping, noticed fireworks, and stayed for the Celebrate The Magic show even. The whole castle is projected with images and videos from classic Disney movies. We were altogether awe.

It was one of the features of the entire vacation. Every minute of the day was special. But one of the best? When my husband chose an Oswald pin for me. I have been a pin collector never. But in the welcome bag my mom had delivered to us? There was a pin trader starting kit.

Oh, young man. I went nuts! Suddenly my obsession was all Disney pins all the time. I wound up getting ten by the end of the trip up. Oops. Thankfully my husband was super spoiled and sweet me with a lot of sweet Disney pins. Day The next, it was to Hollywood Studios back.

This day was kind of bittersweet. It was getting near to the end of our vacation. And our last day in Hollywood Studios. Your day This thought remained with me for much of. Overall, the day was wonderful the. Evening We proceeded to go there in the first. Your day before had been so long, we needed a chance to rest and recover Since. So we had a fantastic breakfast at the hotel before heading out. Whenever we got there?

We met Olaf. Okay, therefore I am a little enthusiastic about Olaf. And freaked out like a little child while getting together with him. Above you can see the picture we got with him! I love that you will be a youngster in Disney always. The last day. This was super upsetting for me.

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I wished to stay! It experienced like the holiday acquired just started suddenly it was time to think about going home then. We continued a lot of rides, did last minute shopping, and experienced a character lunch time at the Crystal Palace even. Yes. But we surely got to meet Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore.

Very exciting. We spend a complete great deal of the amount of time in Fantasy Land this time that was great. That meant Disney Princesses and classic rides. The best part of the day? When my hubby shoo-ed me out of a store? He made me wait around outdoors and then picked out a special Disney pin for me personally.