Musings Of YOUR DAY: WEAR IT Ice! Makeup Fridge!

A long time ago in a land not a long way away, I fell deeply in love with Lush but like all good fairy tales, evil lurked around the corner. As fabulous as Lush skincare is, much of it needs to remain fresh, particularly the face masks. And that means you have to look the extra mile with storage space of your Lush… kinda..could prove irritating for a few or not a huge deal for others. Lush Fresh Facial Masks have to be stored in your fridge and heck in some cases many cosmetic items should be placed on snow really to keep them fresh particularly those purchased at Lush.

If your home is with a boy chances are you aren’t wanting to store your Lush in your fridge for dread he’ll head into the living room, munching on it, and check out let you know what an incredible make you are. Which brings me to today’s Musings…. Do you store your makeup or skincare in the fridge along with your yogurt and stale bread?

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What type of makeup products are in your refrigerator? Do I store mine in the fridge? I don’t store blushes, eyeliners, or other general makeup products in the refrigerator however I have no probs about storing things like moisturizer and the likes in it. I do find once it’s been refrigerated that it never truly feels like the same formula if I allow it “thaw” out as they say. This isn’t a prob for me personally as I just re-refrigerator it after I use it, no haters here later, moisturizer makes fine left over fare perfectly.

By the finish of the night time, my mind might have been numb, but my hair was one color. A bad trim & you’re concealing under hats for a few months. I do not look good in hats. Can you rather have youtube or twitter recinded forever? I believe I’d say YouTube.

I look at a lot of people that I speak to solely on Twitter friends, not to mention the fact that it is often the easiest way for me to get hold of people I understand in real life. Most of the people I watch on YouTube have weblogs anyway, so it’s nothing like they’d be lost forever! Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?

Mascara, because I possibly could always other products (gel or wedding cake liner and a clean, for instance) to get the look of mascara. I really am a believer that good brushes make a huge difference in the way your makeup applies, throughout the day mixes and even wears. I can do a whole dramatic eye with my fingers, but blush is hella hard to put on with your fingers- and I’m pale, therefore i need that blush!