Using Facebook For Political Campaigning

Obama may have been wise to the fact that no longer could it be just who you understand, but who knows you that wins elections. Facebook can form a network of people that know you, as well as drive traffic to a website, encourage discussion around issues, and increase support like no other medium.

An effective interpersonal media strategy is a great complement to a solid in-person campaign. Notice I didn’t say replacement. Remember that the goal of your web pages to attract focus on in person speaking engagements and to create dialogue around important issues. That attention and dialogue should generate the goodwill that means votes then. A word of caution – carrying it out wrong can hurt rather than help your campaign.

So, before you hurry to make a Facebook page keep the following tips at heart. Politicians obtain thousands of friend requests to their personal Facebook account often. Since Facebook places a limit on the number of friends (5,000) a political fan page for your candidate is a much better option. A fan page allows an unlimited quantity of fans, and the opportunity to build a community of support around the issues and positions critical to the candidate.

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When setting up the page, ensure that you choose a public number, politician as the web page type then. Make a welcome tab to describe your candidate’s position on issues and explain the dialogue fans will expect to see on the page. Generate feeling around the complexities and encourage them to like the web page for more details.

Use the customized widget Facebook offers to incorporate the fan web page on the campaign website. This widget encourages website visitors to lover your web page from the website straight and shows the status updates, the number of supporters, and even profile pictures of followers within the widget. Facebook provides drop in code for website developers, causing this to be a comparatively easy task for website designers. Use Profile images in your favor. There is a group of fans Once, ask fans of the page and your friends to change their profile picture to the advertising campaign logo in the weeks before the election.

Ask them to talk about campaign slogans, news photos and improvements using their friends across the network. Send an email blast with one call to action – to fan the page. Use the email to describe the purpose of the page and the issues that will be discussed there. Remember this is not the time to require votes, rather require a connection that you strengthen with posts and conversations.

Facebook is a perfect system for engagement, as people can see other comments and add to the conversation easily. If you are the candidate, post about positions, your votes on issues and your plans for future years. Use this system to truly have a personal dialogue with citizens. Encourage dialogue by requesting questions and motivating people to share their own thoughts.